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Add an Unassigned Phone to your BT Cloud Phone Account

This article provides information on how to add an unassigned phone to your BT Cloud Phone account.
Date Updated:17/12/2019

Add Company Phone Numbers | BT Cloud Phone

This article will guide you on how to add phone numbers to your BT Cloud Phone account.  To do this, follow the steps below:
Date Updated:11/10/2018

BT Cloud Phone Number Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

Date Updated:10/10/2016

BT Cloud Phone: Setting your Company Hours, Time Zone, and Time Format via Auto-Receptionist

How do I customise my Company Business Hours and Time Zone settings via Auto-Receptionist for my main business number?
Date Updated:05/06/2017

Call Queue - Customise Company Greeting | BT Cloud Phone

How can I customise the Company Greeting?
Date Updated:18/09/2018

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