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How to Set Up Single Sign-On | BT Cloud Work

BT Cloud Work Single Sign-On (SSO) service lets your company authenticate your BT Cloud Work users through your company-level network login credentials. Account Administrators can select to set up Single Sign-on by themselves for their BT Cloud Work account or contact customer support for an assisted setup. For first-time set-up, please finish the configuration in order to turn on SSO for your company.​​​​​​​
Date Updated:27/05/2022

Manage your BT Cloud Work Devices

This article provides information on how users and administrators manage their phones and devices in the BT Cloud Work customer portal.
Date Updated:10/03/2022

Reset Your BT Cloud Phone Password

This article provides instructions on how to reset your BT Cloud Phone password.
Date Updated:10/03/2022

Set up Call Queue Holiday Hours | BT Cloud Work

This article provides information on how to set up a Call queue group's holiday hours on the BT Cloud Work Portal.
Date Updated:24/04/2020

Setting Up Company Call Handling and Operator Extension | BT Cloud Work

This article will guide Administrators on how to configure your Company Call Handling settings in the BT Cloud Work portal.
Date Updated:23/03/2022