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BT Cloud Phone International Calling Overview

As an Account Administrator how do I enable or disable International calling and how do I authorise specific Users to be able to call international destinations?
Date Updated:22/03/2019

Check Calls Charges - Call log report | BT Cloud Phone

How do I check the calls charges using the Call log report on the BT Cloud Phone Portal?
Date Updated:09/03/2020

Check Used Inclusive Minutes | BT Cloud Phone

How can I find out how many of the inclusive minutes have been used from my BT Cloud Phone service each month?
Date Updated:08/08/2019

Unable to Call Other Countries Even After Enabling International Calling | BT Cloud Phone

This article provides troubleshooting steps when international calls to some countries are still not working despite enabling Inernational Calling in the BT Cloud Phone portal.
Date Updated:04/03/2020

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