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BT Cloud Phone: Adding Email Addresses Permitted to Send Faxes

I would like to use BT Cloud Phone's Email-to-fax feature. How can I add email addresses that can send faxes through email to the permitted email addresses list?
Date Updated:28/11/2017

BT Cloud Phone: Updating the Cover Page information of your fax message

I would like to use a cover page when sending out faxes using FaxOut or Email to Fax. How do I set it up?
Date Updated:28/11/2017

Desktop app - Resend or Forward Faxes | BT Cloud Phone

The BT Cloud Phone Desktop App lets you resend and / or forward faxes. The system automatically tries to send fax messages three times. Follow the steps to learn how.
Date Updated:21/06/2019

Desktop app - Send Fax Messages | BT Cloud Phone

​​​​​​​The BT Cloud Phone Desktop App has a Fax feature that allows you to send and receive faxes. This feature is available to all BT Cloud Phone customers.
Date Updated:21/06/2019

Fax - Resolving Partially Sent or Received Faxes | BT Cloud Phone

My fax was marked as partially received. What does this mean?
Date Updated:29/06/2019

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