BT Cloud Phone

Getting Started

BT Cloud Phone phone numbers Frequently Asked Questions

Date Updated:16/10/2015

BT Cloud Phone Service Frequently Asked Questions

What BT Cloud Phone service offerings are available to me, and what are the benefits?
Date Updated:11/03/2015

BT Cloud Phone Session Timeout

This article demonstrates how Administrators can set the session timeout of the BT Cloud Phone account through the Portal.
Date Updated:24/04/2020

BT Cloud Work Single Sign-On (SSO) Overview

BT Cloud Work Single Sign-On allows employees in a company to access all company applications with one set of credentials. Depending on the company, the credentials can include email, phone number or username along with the password. The company routes all logins through an IDP (Identity Provider) with which the company has a purchased license. The IDP usually hosts a login page for the employees to enter their company credentials before entering any application.
Date Updated:27/01/2021

Call Log Overview | BT Cloud Phone Portal

This article provides information about the Call log feature in the BT Cloud Phone Portal.
Date Updated:24/04/2020