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BT Cloud Phone Service Frequently Asked Questions

What BT Cloud Phone service offerings are available to me, and what are the benefits?
Date Updated:11/03/2015

BT Cloud Phone: Checking your Voicemail, Faxes, and Sent Items through the BT Cloud Phone portal

How can I download voicemail, fax messages and recorded calls? Can I forward copies of my messages and recorded calls to an email?
Date Updated:23/02/2018

BT Cloud Phone: Logging in to your BT Cloud Phone Meetings with Email or Google

How do I log in to BT Cloud Phone Meetings with my email address or with my Google account?
Date Updated:09/03/2017

BT Cloud Phone: Setting your Company Hours, Time Zone, and Time Format via Auto-Receptionist

How do I customise my Company Business Hours and Time Zone settings via Auto-Receptionist for my main business number?
Date Updated:05/06/2017

Call Log - Overview | BT Cloud Phone Portal

This article discusses the Call log feature in the BT Cloud Phone Portal.
Date Updated:21/06/2019