BT Cloud Phone

Add a User | BT Cloud Phone

This article demonstrates how Account Administrators can add Users into the account.
Date Updated:17/12/2019

Add an Unassigned Phone to your BT Cloud Phone Account

This article provides information on how to add an unassigned phone to your BT Cloud Phone account.
Date Updated:17/12/2019

Add and Delete a Paging Device | BT Cloud Phone

This article provides instructions for the Administrator on how paging devices can be added to or deleted from the BT Cloud Phone Portal.
Date Updated:17/12/2019

Add Company Phone Numbers | BT Cloud Phone

This article will guide you on how to add phone numbers to your BT Cloud Phone account.  To do this, follow the steps below:
Date Updated:11/10/2018

Add Forwarding Numbers | BT Cloud Phone

BT Cloud Phone allows both Users and Administrators to have up to 10 Forwarding numbers added to their own Extension. As a User, you can set up different call forwarding rules for your extension, and set calls to ring at these numbers sequentially or simultaneously. Administrators can also set these up for a User.
Date Updated:03/07/2019

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