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Access to this account is disabled error on the BT Cloud Work Portal

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Access to this account is disabled will appear after 5 unsuccessful login attempt. This is a precaution to protect the security of your account and a 60-minute lock has been placed on your BT Cloud Work login due to several unsuccessful login attempts. 

BT Cloud Work Account Administrator can reset your password but you will still need to wait until the 60-minute lock has ended before you can attempt to login.

1. Log in as Administrator to BT Cloud Work Portal.

2. Go to Users > User List > Users with extensions.

3. Search for the User with lock icon under Status.

4. Under Operation, click Unlock.

5. A confirmation message will pop-up, then click Unlock.

NOTE: Administrators may configure the Account lockout settings by contacting support. The Account lockout threshold can be set using the following options: 

Failure login attempts threshold:
• Available options: 3-9
• Default is 5 times

Account lockout duration
• Available options:15 minutes-1440 minutes(24 hours)
• Default is 60 minutes


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TitleAccess to this account is disabled error on the BT Cloud Work Portal
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