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Activating or enabling an extension confirms the addition of a User to your BT Cloud Work Portal. This is typically done right after adding a User extension or a Group. Only an Account Administrator can enable and activate a User.

Enabling an Unassigned User extension
Activating a User extension
Reactivating a Disabled User extension


Enabling an Unassigned User extension

Newly added User extensions are found under the Unassigned extensions tab. To enable an Unassigned extension, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your BT Cloud Work Portal as an Administrator.

2. On the Admin portal page, click Users. When you click Users, the User list will open

3. On the User list, click the Unassigned extensions, and then click the extension that you want to enable, or assign to a User.

4. Under Set up options.
• Send invite - To send the Welcome email to the user's email address.
• Activate by assigning credentials - Set up and activate a user by assigning credentials. No welcome email will be sent.
• Activate later - Set up a user now but activate at a later time. No welcome email or notifications will be sent.

5. Enter the user's information.

IMPORTANT: Use a valid email address. A confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address to activate and set up a password for the extension. The User must click the confirmation link provided in the email and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the extension.

• Click Edit Role under Assigned role if you want to select a role for the User. Review the permissions granted to make sure you are selecting the appropriate role. See User Roles and Permissions Overview

• You can also click select either Inbound or Outbound under Automatic call recording to set recording for the User.

6. Click Save when finished.


Activating a User extension

A User extension is normally activated by the User, via email. If the User did not receive the Welcome email, you can resend the Email Activation.

1. On your BT Cloud Work Admin portal, click Users.

2. Click Users with extensions, look for the User who needs the Activation email.

3. Hover over the name of the User, and then click Send Invite on the right side. You can also click on the name of the User, and click Send Invite under User details.

4. Advise the User to look for the email from BT Cloud Work, and then follow the steps provided on the activation link.


Reactivating a Disabled User extension

Account Administrators can disable User extensions to temporarily suspend a User's access to BT Cloud Work services and account. Disabled User extensions can be re-activated anytime.

1. On your BT Cloud Work Admin portal, click Users.

2. Click Users with extensions, hover over the name of the User that you want to re-enable, and the click Enable on the right side.

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