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Check Your Voicemail, Faxes, and Sent Items in the BT Cloud Phone Portal

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You can retrieve your voicemails, faxes, and recorded calls from the Messages tab on the BT Cloud Phone Portal for a limited time. See BT Cloud Work Message Storage and Data Retention for more information. You can download or send your messages or recorded calls to an email for back up purposes.

Administrators can check the messages of Users but will be asked to enter the User's password.

1. Log in to your BT Cloud Work portal. See Log in to the BT Cloud Phone Using Email or Phone Number for more information.

2. Click Messages.

3. Click the corresponding tab to view the following:

Inbox - view your received voicemails and fax messages.
Outbox - view your scheduled and pending outgoing faxes.
Sent items - view sent faxes.
Deleted items - view deleted voicemails and faxes.
Recordings - view your on-demand call recordings.


You will be able to find your received voicemail and faxes in the Inbox folder.

fax icon


This icon indicates that you received a Fax Message.

play icon


Click this icon to Play the Voice message.

Click Download to save your voicemail or fax. Click Forward to send the voicemail or fax to someone else.


The Outbox folder is where you can find your Scheduled faxes and Fax Messages waiting to be sent or in the process of sending. All faxes that failed to send are stored in the Outbox folder and you have the option to resend the failed fax by clicking on the Resend link. There is no limit on the number of messages you can store in this folder.

To delete a failed fax or to cancel a scheduled fax, select the message by ticking the check box next to it, and then click Delete.

Sent Items

You will see your sent faxes in the Sent Items folder. Sent messages are stored in the Sent items folder up to 30 days.

Deleted Items

Deleted voicemail or fax messages are stored in the Deleted Items folder up to 5 days. You can also delete messages from this folder to permanently remove them.


You can find your On-Demand Call Recordings in this folder. See Download or Listen to On-Demand Call Recordings on the BT Cloud Phone Portal for more information.

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