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Sending a Fax Message using BT Cloud Work Desktop App

1. On your BT Cloud Work Desktop App, click the Compose Fax icon.

bt desktop app - fax icon

2. Fill out the fields provided for your Fax message.

fax desktop app
Enter the recipient's fax number, or you can select a contact by pressing the Plus User-added image icon.
Cover Page
You can select from the list of cover page templates if you wish to have a Cover Page Note sent, along with your fax attachment.

You can click the view User-added image icon to see the sample template.

Select None if you do not want to include a Fax Cover Page. 
Enter the fax recipient's name.
Enter the fax recipient's Company name.
Enter your message in the text box provided. This message will appear in the Fax Cover Page.
You can attach file in your fax message. See Supported File Attachments for Faxes.
You can scan a document to attach it to your fax message. This feature is for windows only. The Scan icon will be available when installed or connected.

NOTE: A WIA-compliant scanner should be set in the Scanner settings of your BT Cloud Work Desktop App for this feature to work. To set up this feature, go to Setting up the BT Cloud Work Desktop App's Scan-to-Fax feature.

IMPORTANT: The scanner needs to be properly installed, powered-on, and connected to your computer in order for the BT Cloud Work Desktop App to detect and recognise it.

3. Click Send now, or Send Later.

NOTE: If you choose to send your fax later, you can select the Date and Time when want to send your fax message and then, click Schedule Send to add the fax message to your Outbox. The fax message will be sent automatically on your specified date and time.

bt desktop app - send fax later


Setting up the BT Cloud Work Desktop App's Scan-to-Fax feature (Windows Only)

1. On your BT Cloud Work Desktop App, click Settings

bt desktop app settings

2. Click Messaging, and then click Install.

3. When your scanner is successfully installed, select from the Scanners list to select the scanner that you wish to use.  

bt desktop select scanner

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