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BT Cloud Phone Outbound Caller ID Overview

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You can set the Caller ID to be used when calls are made from the following devices or features:

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By Phone

• Deskphone
• Desktop App

The BT Cloud Phone Desktop App is a free downloadable software application, which can be used to make and receive calls, send faxes and even retrieve voice and fax messages.

By Feature

• RingOut from Web

RingOut is a useful and powerful click-to-call feature that allows you to initiate calls with a single mouse click from your BT Cloud Phone Portal.

RingMe (Outgoing to Caller)

RingMe is a feature designed to help drive traffic from your website or email to your BT Cloud phone system. Using a wizard-based interface, it creates a custom button for you to place on your website or in your email signature template. Customers and visitors can click that button with their mouse, and immediately call your BT Cloud phone number from their computer, at no cost to them.

Call Flip

Call Flip lets you transfer live conversations from one device to another quickly and easily. When you are on a call, you can flip it to your mobile phone on your way out of the office; or flip a mobile call to your home phone once you’ve finished your commute.  Simply dial two numbers and Flip.

Fax Number

Choose which number will appear whenever you send out fax messages.

Additional BT Cloud Phone Desktop app

A fully functional BT Cloud Phone Desktop App that comes with a free BT Cloud Phone Licence. The Office Users with BT Cloud Phone purchased Deskphones can use this Desktop App with no additional monthly cost. 

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