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Send Faxes via BT Cloud Work Mobile App

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 You can send or forward documents as a fax message to any of your contacts on your iOS or Android devices.

When sending documents that contain images (scanned pages of documents), or for faxes sent to a slow fax line, it may take 5 minutes per page or more to be delivered.

1. Launch BT Cloud Work Mobile app on your device.
2. Tap Messages on the lower-left corner.
3. Tap All Messages  > Select Fax
4. Tap the New Message  tap new message  icon. 
5. Type the recipient's number in the To: field. Alternatively, tap the plus RC US Mobile App - New Fax - Add Contacts icon  icon to choose a contact from your device.
6. TapSelect Cover page button to select your Cover Page
7. Tap the Attach Tap Attach icon icon to add a file to the fax. The file size limit of your attachment is 20 MB.
8. Tap the location of your file: Documents, Photos, Dropbox, or Box. Select the file. Make sure you authorize BT Cloud Work Mobile App for mobile to access Dropbox, and/or Box if you want to attach a file from either or both cloud-based storage.
9. Tap Send.

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