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BT Cloud Phone Meetings can be launched from your computer, iOS, or Android devices. A conference bridge can be used for 8 hours at a time. Hosts and participants will be disconnected from the conference and will have to dial back in if a meeting lasts longer than 8 hours. Make sure you have downloaded and installed BT Cloud Phone before going through the steps below.

1. Launch BT Cloud Phone  Meetings on your computer or mobile device.

For Windows: Click on the Start button and select BT Cloud Phone Meetings.
For Mac: Click on the BT Cloud Phone Meetings icon on the dock.

2. Click or tap Sign In.

3. Enter your BT Cloud Phone  credentials, then click Sign In.


QUICK TIP: If you would like to sign in to BT Cloud Phone Meetings with your email or Google credentials, you must enable this feature first. See BT Cloud Phone: Log In Options to learn more. If this feature has been already enabled, see BT Cloud Phone: Logging in to your BT Cloud Phone Meetings with Email or Google.

You have now logged in to BT Cloud Phone Meetings. You can now start or join a meeting.

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