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Getting Started with BT Cloud Phone

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When you open a BT Cloud Phone account, it will be ready for you to use on the date you requested, unless you have been advised of a different date.  On that day you will receive a Welcome to Service email.  This is the start of your contract - billing for your service will commence and we will send out any phones you have ordered to arrive within 2 days. 

Click the link in the email to begin using the service, set up your account security and schedule your Administrator Training. You can also initiate any requests for Number Porting and start to use your BT Cloud Phone service by downloading the Desktop or Mobile Apps.  For more information, go to Setting up my BT Cloud Phone account for the first time.

For security reasons, the link in your Welcome email will expire after a certain amount of time.  Follow the steps below if the link from your Welcome email has expired, or if you have lost your Welcome email.


Expired Link

1. Click on the link on your Welcome Email

2. The expired link will lead you to a resend link page. Enter your account number to submit the resend request.  A copy of the  Welcome Email will be sent to you.

3. You can now click the link in the Email and begin using the service.  


Lost Welcome Email

1. If you cannot find the Welcome Email contact Support and they will send you a copy.  It may be worth checking your “junk” Email folder first.

2. You can now click the link in the Email and begin using the service. 


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