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BT Cloud Work Message Storage and Data Retention

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BT Cloud Phone enforces rules for managing account data storage for optimal system performance and reliability.  BT Cloud Phone users can view their voicemail, fax messages, and call logs through the BT Cloud Phone Online Account, BT Cloud Phone desktop app and BT Cloud Phone mobile app. Text Messages can be viewed through the BT Cloud Phone desktop app and mobile app. 

Account Data Retention Table

The table below shows how many and how long you can keep your messages and call log in your BT Cloud Phone Portal. When the Inbox has reached the maximum number of messages (200 messages), the system will automatically delete the oldest message so the Inbox can accommodate new messages.



Count / Size

Automatic Call Recordings
90 days
100,000 Recordings per account
On-Demand Call Recordings
90 days
200 Recordings per Mailbox or User
Fax / Voice Messages (Inbox, Outbox, Sent)
30 days
200 messages per folder, per User (Inbox, Outbox, Sent) Fax and Voice messages combined
Fax / Voice Messages (Deleted)
5 days
200 messages per User (Fax and Voice messages combined)
Text Messages
No limit
5,000 messages per folder, per User (Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Deleted)
Call Logs
12 months (9 months in mobile apps on some accounts)
No limit

Account Data Backup Options: 

Users have options for backing up data prior to it being deleted according to the enforcement of BT Cloud Phone's data storage policy. BT Cloud Phone Users can back up their voicemail, fax messages, and call recordings by downloading copies to a computer, or by forwarding copies to an email.

Data Backup Options in BT Cloud Phone Portal


BT Cloud Phone Accounts

Email / Fax Messages (Download button in the Messages Tab)
Email / Fax Messages (Email Notifications with message attachments)
Call Recordings (Bulk Call Recordings download under the Call Logs Tab)
yes (no maximum download size limit)
Call Logs (Download)
Call Logs (Email Call Logs Delivery)
yes (subject to 10,000 calls limit)
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