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How to Resend or Forward Faxes with BT Cloud Phone Desktop app  


Step 1:

On your BT Cloud Phone, Click Messages > Fax.

Step 2:

Click on the fax message that you want to resend or forward.

bt desktop app - resend

The Fax options will show. From here you can click on the Resend or Forward button.

• The Resend bt desktop app - resend fax icon button will be available only to Failed faxes. BT Cloud Phone Desktop app will attempt to send the fax again when clicking the Resend button.

• When clicking on the Forward bt desktop app - forward fax icon button, the Send fax window will appear. You can enter the new recipient's contact details from here and select Send later to forward the fax at a later date/time or select Send now to forward the fax immediately. See Desktop app - Send Fax Messages | BT Cloud Phone to learn more.


Other options you can do: 

• Click the View bt desktop app -  view fax button to view the details of the fax.
• Click Save bt desktop app - save fax icon button to save the fax.
• Click Trash bin bt desktop app - delete fax icon button to delete the fax.

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