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BT Cloud Work Desktop App - Join Now Feature

Key Features & Benefits
  • Seamless integration with Google, Outlook and iCal calendar; automatically syncs up the new and updated events in the app’s calendar list.
  • Calendar day view displays multiple events with quick join actions.
  • One tap or click to join a BT Cloud Work Meeting or an audio conference call; participant ID’s and access codes entered automatically.
  • Interactive reminders with quick actions to join a call or view meetings details.
  • Ability to configure the calendar source to sync with BT Cloud Work Desktop App. 
  • Ability to configure Join now reminders for the synced events from the calendar source.

Join now Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there an extra charge for this Google calendar integration?

No. It is included in your BT Cloud Work service.  
  1. How does it work?
It works with the BT Cloud Work Mobile App as well as the BT Cloud Work Desktop App. Once you authorise the access to your Google calendar, Outlook, or iCal from your BT Cloud Work apps, the events will be displayed in your Join now list. 
If your events include BT Cloud Work Meetings or conferences, the “Join” and “Dial-in” buttons will be shown on your events. Tap or click on the buttons to automatically connect you to that specific online meeting or conference call.
  1. Does Join now work with other calendars, such as Exchange or iCal?
Currently, we only support Google Calendar, Outlook (for Windows), and iCal (for Mac). We plan to support other calendars in the future release.
  1. Is Join now available in Glip or other BT Cloud Work integration solution?
Not yet. It is only available in both BT Cloud Work Desktop and Mobile App.
  1.  Am I able to schedule a meeting within Join now?
No. The app can only synchronise with the events from the calendar that you integrated.
  1. How do I set up and use BT Cloud Work Desktop App with the Join now feature?
Click on the links below to know how:

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