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You can create a call queue in just a few steps. You will be asked to select the call queue members during the process so it is recommended that you have already created their user extensions. In addition, the call queue manager/s are designated during the setup process.

Follow the steps below to set up a call queue:

  1. Log in to the BT Cloud Work portal.
  2. On the Admin portal, navigate to the Quick Access homepage, look for Groups category and click the Add call queue link.
  3. In the Add Call Queue Details section, enter the Group name, and Extension number. If you have Multi-Site enabled, select the site where the call queue will be assigned
  4. (Optional) If you prefer to copy an existing Call Queue group' settings, click Select Call Queue. Select a call queue extension to copy, then click Done.
  5. Click Next
  6. In the Select Managers section, select how you want to designate the call queue manager(s):
    • One manager
      • Choose Use Manager's Email
      • Enter the email address of the user to be designated as the manager, then click Next. This user must also have the Use email to log in option enabled in their Extension settings.
    • Multiple managers
      • Choose Select Managers From User List
      • Enter a PIN, then re-enter it on the fields provided for confirmation. This is used to retrieve voicemails from a phone
      • Select up to 15 call queue managers, then specify their permissions:
        • Full Access - allows call queue managers to change everything
        • Members Only - allows call queue managers to read everything, and modify the call queue members
  7. Select the Users who will be members of the call queue, then click Done.

An activation email will be sent to the email addresses of the designated managers. They should click the link and follow the steps to activate the call queue. See Activate a Call Queue | BT Cloud Phone for more information. In addition, the members of the call queue will be sent an email to inform them that they have been added to the queue.

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