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Setting up Call Queue Custom Answering Rules in the BT Cloud Work Portal

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To set up or configure custom answering rule(s) for a call queue, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your BT Cloud Work portal
  2. In the Home tab, navigate to Manage Groups under Groups. You can also go to Phone system > Groups > Call queues
  3. Select the call queue that needs to be configured
  4. Click Call Handling & Members
  5. Click Custom Rules > Add rule
  6. Enter a name for the rule, then click Next
  7. Define the conditions when the custom call handling rule will apply
  8. Define the call handling action when the conditions you set have been met
  9. Click Save


 Define call conditions

  • Caller ID - Applies the call handling rule based on the caller ID displayed from the calling party. You can enter multiple phone numbers, partial numbers such as a country code plus area code, or a contact name if the person is added to your contacts. To set up, enter the number or contact name on the space provided, then click Add.
  • Called Number - Applies the call handling rule based on the phone number called by the calling party. To set up, click Select Number, and choose from the phone numbers on the list.
  • Date and/or Time - Applies the call handling rule based on the time and day of the week, or on a specific date range. You have two options:
    • Weekly Schedule - Enable the toggle switch for the specific day of the week, and then define the time range. You can click the Copy to Weekdays drop-down menu to quickly apply the schedule to either weekdays or for the entire week, including weekends.
    • Specific Date Range - Click the From and To fields, and then choose the date and time range.

Define call handling actions

  • Transfer Call to Call Queue Members - Distributes the call among your call queue members following the rules you've already established for this call queue. You can configure three settings for this action:
  • Greeting & Hold Music - Configure the different audios that the caller will hear at different points (e.g., upon reaching the call queue, when the call is placed on hold, etc...)
  • Call Handling & Members - Configure the call queue members who will answer the call, the method in which the calls will be transferred to the members, and the settings while callers wait for a member to answer
  • Messages - Configure the voicemail greeting and the extension which will receive the voicemail message
  • Take Messages Only - Plays the default or a custom voicemail greeting then routes the caller to voicemail
  • Play Announcement Only - Plays a greeting announcement then disconnects the call
  • Forwarded caller to external number - Forwards the call directly to the specified phone number while ignoring any other greeting settings
  • Send caller to Extension - Sends the caller to an extension of your choice
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