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Enabling Google Cloud Directory in the BT Cloud Work Online Account | BT Cloud Work

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Google Cloud Directory lets you automatically provision users from the G Suite/Google Workspace user directory into BT Cloud Work. If you are a Google Workspace customer, you can select this option to import and synchronize Google Workspace users into BT Cloud Work.

NOTE: You will need to contact BT Cloud Work Customer Support to enable this feature in your BT Cloud Work account.

Enabling Google Cloud Directory

  1. Log in in to your BT Cloud Work portal as an administrator
  2. Navigate to More > Account Settings > Directory Integration.
  3. Select Google Cloud Directory as your Directory Provider.
  4. Click Enable Google Cloud Directory.
  5. Click Confirm.
NOTE: You will get an error message when duplicate email addresses are found in your account. The error message contains a link that you can click to download the list of duplicate emails. You will need to make sure that all email addresses are unique to enable Google Cloud Directory. To edit a user's email address, click the Users tab, and then select the user's name that you want to update.
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TitleEnabling Google Cloud Directory in the BT Cloud Work Online Account | BT Cloud Work
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