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The Call Log is comprised of several columns, depending on your view (Simple or Detailed), these are the TypeAction, and Result columns.

The Type column contains icons that indicate different Voice or Fax activities. If your fax only number received a voice call, it will appear in the Call Log with an Inbound Voice Call icon.



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Inbound Voice Call

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Incoming Fax

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Outbound Voice Call

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Outgoing Fax

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Missed Call Voice

The following Actions can be interpreted as follows:



Phone Call

Incoming call to your phone number or extension.

VoIP Call

Outgoing call from your BT Cloud Work for Mobile, BT Cloud Work Phone and IP Phone provisioned with BT Cloud Work.

Incoming Fax

Incoming fax to your phone number or extension.


Forward attempts to your BT Cloud Work Forwarding Number.


Outgoing call to another extension within the account (transfer call from one extension to another).

RingOut Web

Outgoing call using the RingOut feature from your BT Cloud Work Portal

RingOut PC

Outgoing call using the RingOut feature on the BT Cloud Work Phone.

RingOut Mobile

Outgoing call using the RingOut feature on the BT Cloud Work for Mobile.

Phone Login

Log in to yourBT Cloud Work account via phone via BT Cloud Work Interactive Voice Response.

Calling Card

Outgoing call using the BT Cloud Work Virtual Calling Card feature.

The Result column can be interpreted as follows:




The incoming call was accepted by the extension it rang or was forwarded to.


The extension that is being attempted to ring was busy. This means the user is on Do Not Disturb.

Call Connected

This shows an outbound call was connected to the dialed number. This happens after the status "Accepted" on an incoming call and indicates which phone in a sequence of phones took the call.

Hang Up

This means the inbound caller hung up before being successfully connected.

In Progress

This is an inbound or outbound call that is occurring at the moment while viewing the logs.

(Keep in mind that call logs do not refresh automatically on your web browser. If a call is ended while viewing, the logs may still state that the call is “In Progress” until refreshed.)

IP Phone Offline

The softphone or desk phone the Extension attempted to ring is offline or not connected to the BT Cloud Work servers.


The call rang the extension and no device under that extension answered the call.

No Answer

This applies to individual IP devices that rang but did not answer.


This is found under a call queue or sequence of phones in a user extension. It indicates that these phones stopped ringing because the call was answered on another device.


The inbound call rang to or was sent directly to voicemail.

International Disabled

This was an attempted international call that was blocked due to lack of permissions on the account level.


The inbound call was either sent directly to voicemail or blocked.

Wrong Number

An Internal extension dialed an outside number that does not exist or is no longer in service.

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