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BT Cloud Work Single Sign-On (SSO) Overview

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Enables businesses to use their own corporate credentials to login to BT Cloud Work service.
  • Reduces the effort by Users to manage and remember BT Cloud Work specific login credentials.
  • Provides better security with the central authentication point, limiting the possibility of phishing.
  • The SSO capability option will be available at a user level 
  • Option to avoid notifications when SSO is enabled for users

Single Sign-on Frequently Asked Questions

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)? 

Single Sign-On allows employees in a company to access all company applications with one set of credentials. Depending on the company, the credentials can include email, phone number or username along with the password. The company routes all logins through an IDP (Identity Provider) with which the company has a purchased license. The IDP usually hosts a login page for the employees to enter their company credentials before entering any application. Single Sign-on provides better security with the central authentication point, limiting the possibility of phishing.

NOTE: To ensure there is no conflict with Single Sign-On for your account, each User's contact email address must be unique when creating User extensions or call queue extensions. You may check this by clicking the Verify Email Uniqueness button on the User details.

Who is eligible for Single Sign-On (SSO)?

BT Cloud Work Connect and Collaborate accounts are eligible for SSO. The Administrator can view the Single Sign-on option under Tools on the top navigation menu. The Administrator can also enable SSO as the only option to log in to their company applications.

What are the requirements for SSO?

An IDP which supports SAML 2.0 is required. Most IDPs in the industry support SAML2.0, but it should still be confirmed before the SSO implementation.

What is the process if an SSO enabled company adds new Users?

The new User will receive an activation email for the accounts to setup their PIN number & security questions. The email will include instructions for them to sign in with SSO.

Where can BT Cloud Work customers use SSO?

Single Sign-on can be used on the BT Cloud Work Portal, BT Cloud Work Mobile App, BT Cloud Work Desktop App and BT Cloud Work Meetings.  

What notification will BT Cloud Work send out after SSO is enabled?

BT Cloud Work will not send any notifications. The Administrator will need to send out the notification and let their employees know about the change after SSO is enabled.

In the case that SSO server failed or customers are not able to sign in with SSO, what should they do?

Customers can contact the BT Cloud Work support team. BT Cloud Work support team can manually reset the password and send the temporary password to the Users of the account.


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