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Log in to the BT Cloud Phone Using Email or Phone Number

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SummaryThe BT Cloud Phone Online Portal allows Users to access their fax and voicemail messages, and make changes to their personal call handling rules, greetings, and other settings. For Administrators, they can make changes to their company settings and call handling rules.

Follow these steps to access your BT Cloud Phone portal.

1. Launch a web browser on your computer or device.

2. On the address bar, enter and press Enter on your keyboard. Another way to access the Member Login page is by clicking the Login button at the top-right corner of the BT Cloud Phone support site.

3. On the Sign in page, enter your Email or Phone Number, and then click Next.

bt logging in

NOTE: To log in to your BT Cloud Phone service with your Email credentials, you must enable this feature first. See BT Cloud Phone: Log In Options to learn more about it.

4. Enter your Password (and/or your Extension if you have entered your Phone Number), and then click Sign in.

NOTE: You will receive a verification code when logging into the portal for the first time. If you have lost or forgotten password, go to Resetting your BT Cloud Phone Password for steps in resetting your password.

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TitleLog in to the BT Cloud Phone Using Email or Phone Number
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