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You can keep your existing phone number(s), if eligible, for use with your BT Cloud Phone service. This guide has been designed to give you all the information you will need to complete the Number Transfer process. Just follow the steps outlined below and detailed later. The BT Cloud Phone Number Transfer team will manage the transfer process for you and we will let you know how it’s going with regular emails or calls. There is no charge for this service.

You can make and receive calls on your temporary BT Cloud Phone numbers while the move takes place. You can also arrange to forward calls automatically from a phone number with an existing provider to your BT Cloud Phone account for as long as you want to.

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How does the Number Transfer process work?

1. Once your BT Cloud Phone account is active, put in a request through the BT Cloud Phone portal to transfer an existing phone number(s) to your BT Cloud Phone.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions and provide us with all the information that we need to send a transfer request to your current service provider. The information you supply must match exactly what’s on record with your current provider.

3. The BT Cloud Phone number transfer team will send your transfer request to your current service provider

4. Set up your options on your temporary BT Cloud Phone number(s) so you can make and receive calls (if part of your service plan) while the move takes place.

5. On the day of service there’ll be a loss of service for up to 3 hours, depending on the number type. Once the process is complete, we will send you an email to let you know.


Number Transfer Do's and Don'ts

DON'T cancel your old phone service.
Please wait until your transfer is complete before you cancel your old service.
DON'T lose your broadband service.
Call your service provider to get a new phone number for your broadband line before you send your transfer request. Otherwise, you risk losing your broadband service.
DO be exact.
Your information must match exactly what's on record with your current phone service provider. If it doesn't, your transfer will be delayed. Have a look at your current bill or speak to your current service provider if you need to check.
DO remove special features.
Call your current provider and cancel special features (such as remote call forwarding, distinctive ringtone, etc.) before sending us your transfer request.Cancel special features only - not the entire service. 
DO cancel any open pending service orders.
Ask your current provider to cancel any open service orders, or to confirm they are complete, before placing the transfer request.


Forward Calls to your BT Cloud Phone service

If you want to forward calls to your BT Cloud Phone service while we’re moving your existing number(s), or for longer, just follow these steps:

1. Make sure your BT Cloud Phone system is set up correctly - connect your BT Cloud Phone device and/or activate the Desktop App and then check that you’re receiving calls on the correct number.

2. Contact your current provider and ask them to forward calls to your temporary BT Cloud Phone main number.

NOTE: If you want to forward calls from a BT number, contact the BT Cloud Phone Support team on 0800 389 0598, select the required menu option, and we’ll sort it out for you. We’re open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm (closed bank holidays), or if you have BT Cloud Phone Connect or BT Cloud Phone Collaborate you can call at any time on any day.

3. If you want to move the number to BT Cloud Phone, put in a Number Transfer request through the BT Cloud Phone portal once calls are being forwarded.


The BT Cloud Phone Number Transfer Wizard

1. Log in to your BT Cloud Phone Portal as an Administrator.

2. On the Phone System tab, click Phone numbers.

3. Go to the Transferred tab and click on # Transfer Local Numbers.

4. Select your Current Service Provider and then enter the Service Provider Address. Click Next.

NOTE: If your Current Service Provider is not listed, select "Other" and add their name and address (normally found on your bill) in the boxes that appear.

Answer the pre-check questions, and then click Next.

You can only transfer numbers that are active with your service provider. 
• Do not cancel your number(s) as you will risk losing them before they are transferred.
• Remember to get a new phone number for your broadband line before you send your transfer request for the number associated with your broadband line.
• We cannot transfer numbers that are used for alarm monitoring so you will need to move these services first.  

Refer to the table below for more information:  



Question 1: 
Are the numbers you are transferring ACTIVE with your current service provider?

• Only ACTIVE and SUBSCRIBED numbers are allowed to be transferred. 
• In the event that NO has been chosen, the online request will not proceed.

Question 2:
Do you have the latest bill ready to be uploaded for the number you are transferring?

• Click Yes.
• If you select No and you do not have copy of your bill to upload, please understand that we may ask you for it at another time to assist with the correction of any rejections. This may also delay the processing time if we need to gather further information at a later date.

Question 3: 
Do you currently have DSL/Broadband on any of the numbers you are transferring?

• You will lose your DSL/Broadband internet service if BT Cloud Phone transfers a phone number associated with your DSL/Broadband account. You must remove your DSL/Broadband internet service before the number is transferred. Please call your service provider and get a new phone number for your DSL/Broadband line before you submit your transfer request.

Question 4: 
Are you transferring more than one local number?

• You will need to address all concerns on all the numbers you want to transfer before you proceed with the request

Question 5: 
Do you currently have any open orders with your current service provider?

• If you select Yes, you will need to cancel all open orders with your current provider.

Question 6: 
Are you transferring all of your numbers from your current Service Provider?

• If you are transferring all of your numbers, make sure that you do not have any pending requests or orders with your current provider. 

Question 7: 
Have you received your BT Cloud Phone phones?

• Select Yes if:

- You have received the phones and they are ready for use
- You are transferring numbers to a phone you already have
- You are using this number strictly for porting purposes
- You will be using the BT Cloud Phone desktop app

• If you select No, please come back later to request your number to be transferred after you have received and activated your phones.

You should only transfer your numbers once you have received and set up your phones. If you are using existing phones or using these numbers strictly for forwarding calls to existing phones, click Yes.

6. Enter the Billing Telephone Number (main number of your account with your current provider). 

Under Enter numbers you would like to transfer,
Enter any additional phone numbers that you want to transfer (other than your Billing Telephone Number), separated by a comma. You can enter up to 100 numbers. Click Next.

Do not include your Billing Telephone Number on the list in the field provided. If you want to include your Billing Telephone Number in the transfer request, tick I want to transfer my Billing Telephone NumberIf it's the only number in the account, leave the Enter numbers you would like to transfer field blank.

IMPORTANT: You will need to let us know if you’ve got more than 100 numbers to transfer, or numbers on the same account that you want to retain or cease (disconnect) with your current service provider. Either call the BT Cloud Phone number transfer team or add the details later in the number transfer wizard (Step 11). Your transfer request may be delayed without this information.

7. Choose the date when the number will be transferred. Transfers may go through sooner or later than the requested date. If you have a particular date in mind for your transfer that is later than this date, please select it and then call the BT Cloud Phone number transfer team once you have completed your transfer request to let us know. 

IMPORTANT: Grayed out dates and bank holidays cannot be chosen as these dates are not applicable for the service delivery of our providers. The selection will be the exact date of transfer provided there is no rejection from the losing carrier. In the event that the request gets rejected, the Transfer date will then be moved to a later date.

8. Once transfer date has been selected, you have to select a temporary number.

Match the temporary number with the transfer number
When you click Select, you will see a pop-up window where you can choose the temporary number that will be replaced by the number you wish to transfer. After you select the Temporary Number, click Done. You may change your selection by clicking Change or you may proceed to the next step by clicking Next.

NOTE: The temporary number will be replaced after the number has been completely ported to BT Cloud Phone. 

9. Select the Type of account. Enter the telephone number’s account information.

IMPORTANT: The physical service address is where the numbers are installed and being used. It is important that this address is correct as it will be used to register your numbers on the 999 or 112 emergency services database. If this address is incorrect your transfer request will be delayed. Your current service provider may be able to advise you if you’re not sure.

NOTE:  Ensure that all information is accurate to avoid rejections due to information mismatch. Click the Back button to edit any details or click Next to continue.


10. If you are not transferring all of your phone numbers in the same Billing Account Number, you can list the remaining phone numbers in the Additional Comments box, and the action to be taken for each phone number (Remain, disconnect, etc.). You can also provide any additional information or instructions to support a successful number transfer experience.

11. Enter in the Email text field the email address you would like to receive the porting notifications emails. If you would like to have the system administrators receive the porting notifications emails, tick the checkbox "I also want the system admin user to receive emails".

12. Download the Letter of Authority (LOA), print it on your company letterhead and sign the LoA. Click on Next. It gives BT Cloud Phone permission to submit number transfer requests on your behalf.

13. Upload the LoA that you have signed and click on Browse. Click on Complete after you have attached the signed document. Once completed you will see the status of your request in the Company Numbers page of your account just below Pending Numbers where it indicates the Transfer Order which will display the details in the right pane of your screen. 

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