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The Call handling & forwarding section on your online account allows you to set-up call routing rules for your extension. It offers flexibility in managing your calls during business hours, after-hours or multiple condition rules. Click on the links below to know more.

User hours

This section lets you set up the call handling and forwarding options for the User extension during business hours. The default configuration is to have a desk phone or desktop app and mobile app linked to a single extension. You can also set a third-party phone (like a mobile phone) as the forwarding number for multiple extensions.

To view these options go to Users > User list. Select a User and click Call handling & forwarding.

Go to Customising the Call handling & forwarding feature under User hours for more steps on configuring this feature.
1. Incoming calls forward in this order

Sequentially - these numbers will ring one at a time, in order of priority.

Simultaneously -  all the numbers will ring at the same time
2. Add call forwarding phone - Click this button to add more forwarding numbers (can add up to 10)
3. Forward to other users' phones - Click this to select from the list of other users' phones.
4. Create ring group / Ungroup - group forwarding numbers to ring simultaneously based on the order sequence. Ungroup to separate numbers into different call order.
5. Ring for - You can set how long the caller will hear the ringing before the system tries the next number in the list. Five seconds is equal to approximately one ring.
6. Active forwarding number - Toggle the button to set a forwarding number as active or inactive. An Inactive number will be skipped during call forwarding.


This section lets you set up the After-hours call handling and forwarding options for your extension.

For more information, go to ​Customising a User's After-hours Call Handling & Forwarding Settings.
Send callers directly to voicemail - Selecting this option will immediately send callers to the extension's voicemail.
Play announcement and disconnect - Selecting this option will play a pre-recorded announcement and then end the call.
Forward calls - Selecting this option will let you transfer calls to your phones and any of your forwarding numbers.
Unconditional forwarding - Selecting this option lets you automatically forward all calls to another phone number, bypassing all the settings including greeting, call screening, and voicemail.

Advanced Call Handling

In this section, you can set up rules for better call management using conditions based on time of day, date range, incoming caller ID and called number. Go to Adding a Custom rule in your extension to learn how to set up advanced call handling rules.


Incoming call information

If you forward calls to your personal number, you can display the called number (instead of the caller’s caller ID) so you can identify business calls and answer them appropriately.  

Incoming number displayed to me 

Incoming Caller ID option displays the phone number of the person calling. You can add numbers before (pre-pended) or after (post-pended) the incoming number to help you identify the call.

NOTE:  Some networks do not support the ability to send Caller ID with pre-pended, or post-pended digits. Please test that this functionality is supported by the appropriate device the call will be sent to.

Called number option will display the phone number the caller has dialled. If you use your business phone for personal use as well, it allows you to identify business calls and answer them appropriately.


For more information, go to Setting a User's Incoming call information.

Call flip

Call flip lets you "pick-up" an active call from one phone to another phone by using the call flip commands. Select the phone numbers that you want to make available for Call flipping and assign each one a Flip number code.

NOTE: Call transfer refers to transferring your calls to another user or extension. Call flip is passing a call from your phone to your other phone. For more information on different Call Flip scenarios go to BT Cloud Phone Call Handling: Follow Me
For more information, go to BT Cloud Phone Call flip.
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