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 What is BT Cloud Work Audio Conferencing?

BT Cloud Work Conference calling enables BT Cloud Work customers to setup and join conference calls anytime, anywhere. Each customer receives a conference bridge number and every user has an individual access code to host a conference. With the ‘Invite’ feature, users can easily and quickly email or text conference details to attendees. BT Cloud Work Conferencing includes mute controls, listen only mode, record conference and more.


What are the benefits of BT Cloud Work Audio Conferencing?\

  • Conferencing made easy
  • A single conference bridge for easy access and use 
  • Each user gets his own Host and Participant access code so you and your team can hold conferences whenever you want.
  • Host unlimited audio conferences
  • Every user can host a conference, with up to 1000 attendees.
  • Main conference number is available in the UK.
  • In-country dial-in number is available in over 40 countries.
  • Participants may join the conference before the Host when this feature is selected.
  • Conferencing works across devices
  • Use your IP desk phone while in the office.
  • Use your softphone or mobile phone (iPhone or Android) while on the go.
  • Join as a Host with one tap on your mobile phone to instantly start a conference anytime, anywhere.
  • Tap to join a conference from a text message invitation without having to enter a Participant access code.
  • Invite and Host control features
  • Invite lets you send email or company text message invitations to Participants quickly and easily.
  • Easily invite international Participants in over 40 countries with local dial-in numbers in your invitation.
  • As a Host, you can mute Participants, get a count of Participants, record conferences, and much more 

Is this feature available for all services?
Yes. BT Cloud Work Conferencing is available to all BT Cloud Work Users.


How can I use the BT Cloud Work Audio Conferencing feature?
Each BT Cloud Work User receives a local Conference bridge and Host/Participant access codes per user. Conference details, including invite and Host controls, are available on the BT Cloud Work Portal, desktop and mobile app. Invites can easily be sent to other Participants via email or other company contacts via text message.


What is the cost of BT Cloud Work Audio Conferencing?
Conference calling from BT Cloud Work desk phones, Desktop apps, and Mobile apps is free of charge.  

If a Host or Participant dials the UK Dial-in Number from a non-BT Cloud Work device, applicable rates from their carrier will apply.

If a Host or Participant dials the International Dial-in Number from a non-BT Cloud Work device from an international location, the local rates will vary depending on their carrier rates in that country.


Can participants join a conference call before the host? 
Yes, this option can be enabled on the BT Cloud Work portal by clicking Conference User-added image > Enable join before host. Click Close.


How many participants can join a BT Cloud Work Audio Conference session? 
A BT Cloud Work Audio Conference session can hold up to 1000 attendees, including the Host.


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