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SummaryThis article provides instructions on how to customise the Company Greeting.

Company Greetings allow you to greet callers to your BT Cloud Phone account. The greeting can be customised either by recording a greeting or importing a pre-recorded file to give callers a more personalised experience.

Account administrators can customise this anytime by following the steps below.

1. Click Auto-Receptionist under Phone system.
2. Click General SettingsIVR Settings.
3. Edit below Company hours greeting.
4. Select Play company greeting. You can then select Default or Custom under Set greeting.
5. If you select Custom, you will have three (3) options of customising your Company greeting — recording a greeting by Phone, using your Computer microphone, or Importing a custom greeting.

Recording a Company greeting by Phone
​• Under Call me on, enter a new number, and then click Call Now
• Follow the instructions that will be given during the call.

Recording a Company greeting using your Computer Microphone
Make sure you have allowed BT Cloud Phone to have access on your computer microphone.
• Click the Record Record button to start recording, and then click it again when you have completed the recording.
• Click the Play Play button button  to listen to the playback. Click the Record Record button to re-record, if necessary. Click the Upload Upload button to upload your recording once it is finalised. Click the Download User-added image button to save a copy of your recording if needed.

Importing a custom Company greeting
Click Browse, then locate the file to upload.  
NOTE: BT Cloud Phone recommends using the .wav or .mp3 audio formats for better audio quality:
• CCITT u-Law (G711a), 8 kHz, 8-bit, mono
• PCM, 8 kHz, 16-bit, mono

6. Under If Caller Enters no Action, select Connect to Operator or Disconnect.

This setting configures how the call will be handled when the caller enters no action after the greeting has been played. Callers have 5 seconds to enter an action after the Company greeting plays. If a caller enters no action after 5 seconds, their call can be routed to the operator or be disconnected. 

• Connect to operator: Select this option if you want to direct callers to ext. 0 after the greeting. The Default Operator Extension is 0, however, you can assign another User as the Operator Extension.

• Disconnect: Select this option if you want to disconnect the caller after the greeting repeats three times.

7. Click Done.
8. You will be redirected back to the Company greeting section. Click Save to confirm changes.

NOTE: These steps are applicable when the Company hours is set to 24 hours/7 days a week. The same steps are applicable when you need to configure the After-hours greeting.

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