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SummaryThis article provides instructions on how administrators can change the phone number of a BT Cloud Phone Licence.

1. Log in as administrator to your BT Cloud Phone portal.
2. In the Admin Portal page, go to Phone System > Phones & devices > User phones
3. Select the device with the phone number that you want to edit
4. Under Assigned to, click the Edit number.
5. Select a state/province from the drop-down menu, and then select the area code for the new number.
6. Select from the list of numbers presented. You can click Change Set to generate a new batch of numbers. Click Next once you have chosen your new number.
7. Select what you want to do with the original phone number - you can either keep the phone number in the account (costs £0.50/month), or delete the number completely.
8. Click Next.
9. A summary of your order will be displayed. If there are no issues, tick the acknowledgement checkbox and click Next.
10. The order confirmation screen will show you the reference number. You can click Print to print a copy, or click Done to finish and close the window.


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TitleChange the Phone Number Assigned to a Licence | BT Cloud Phone
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