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Customise a BT Cloud Phone User's Call Handling & Forwarding for Business Hours

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1. Log in to your BT Cloud Phone Portal. See Logging in - Using Email or Phone Number for more information.

2. Go to Admin portal > Users > Users List > Users with extensions.

3. Click the User.

4. Navigate to Call handling & forwarding > User hours tab.

5. Below Incoming calls forward in this order, configure how you want BT Cloud Phone to handle the User's incoming calls. If incoming calls will be offered to multiple forwarding numbers, you can choose how the calls are offered to the forwarding numbers. Forwarding numbers can ring Simultaneously or Sequentially (one at a time).

6. By default, the My Desktop & Mobile Apps will always be the first to ring even when you select simultaneous ringing. If you want the calls to be forwarded straight to the User's desk phones and other forwarding numbers, you can disable My Desktop & Mobile Apps from the forwarding numbers list by clicking the toggle button off (a white switch means the forwarding number is disabled).

7. To add non-BT Cloud Phone numbers to the User's forwarding numbers list, there are 3 pre-labelled slots (Home, Mobile, and Work) that you can use. You can also click the Add Call Forwarding Phone button to add 7 more slots with labels (Phone Name) you can customise.

8. To forward calls to another extension user's phone, click the Kebab button then select Forward to other users' phones. Select the phones from the list on the pop-up page, then click Done

9. Set the number of rings for each phone and forwarding number on the list. Five (5) seconds is equal to approximately one ring.

10. OPTIONAL: You can also rearrange the forwarding numbers and create Ring groups

11. Click Save.

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