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BT Cloud Work International Calling Overview

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BT Cloud Work offers International Calling that enables users to call international destinations. International Calling Rates apply when dialling numbers outside the UK.

This article illustrates how Account Administrators can perform the following actions via the BT Cloud Work Portal: 

• Enabling/Disabling International Calling on the Account
• Enabling/Disabling International Calling for Specific Countries

Only authorised users can call international numbers once International Calling has been enabled on the account. Users without the correct permissions will not be allowed to call international numbers even when International Calling is enabled at the company level.

IMPORTANT: For Users to have the capability to make a call to an international destination, Administrators need User Roles and Permissions Overview to allow them to place International calls.

Enabling/Disabling International Calling on the Account

1. Log in as an Administrator to your BT Cloud Work Portal.
2. Go to Admin Portal, and then click on Billing > Calling Rates > International.
3. Toggle on / off the switch to enable or disable International Calling.

 NOTE: You can also request to add 09xx numbers via whitelisting process.

Enable International Calling - International Calling is disabled by default. To Enable International Calling on your account, toggle on Enable International Calling.
international calling enabled

Disable International Calling - Toggle off Enable International Calling.

international calling disabled

Enabling/Disabling International Calling for Specific Countries

The following slider buttons will appear to the right of a country, depending on whether International Calling is enabled or disabled for that account. Under the Action column, you can click Enable or Disable for each destination to Enable or Disable the International Calling feature for that country. 

green check - enabledInternational Calling Enabled
red x - disabledInternational Calling Disabled

NOTE: You can also enable or disable multiple countries. Tick the checkbox/es beside Status and click Enable or Disable.

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