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Automatic call recording (ACR) is a BT Cloud Phone feature that enables you to record Incoming or Outgoing calls automatically. Users can listen to the recordings online or download the recorded conversations to a computer. The Automatic call recording feature is available for BT Cloud Phone Connect and Collaborate subscribers only. 

IMPORTANT: Automatic call recording settings can only be changed by Users with Administrator access.

1. Log in as an Administrator to the BT Cloud Phone Portal.
2. Go to Admin portal > Phone system > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings > Call recording.
3. Toggle the switch to enable or disable Automatic call recording. The Automatic call recording feature is disabled by default.

auto recep - enable auto call recording1

4. When you click Enable, you will see a reminder. Please read the reminder, then click Yes.

Additional options after enabling the Automatic call recording feature

• Play periodic tones for outbound calls - Check or uncheck this to enable or disable the injection of a short tone (beep) on the call to remind parties that the call is being recorded.

• Play call recording announcement for outbound calls - Check or uncheck this to enable or disable playing call recording announcement to party answering the outbound call.

• Allow mute in auto call recording - Allow Users to mute sections of the call recording so that sensitive information is not captured. Press *9 to mute the recording and *9 again to continue recording.

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