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BT Cloud Phone Session Timeout

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SummaryThis article demonstrates how Administrators can set the session timeout of the BT Cloud Phone account through the Portal.

Administrators can configure a session timeout for all the users on the BT Cloud Phone account. If a user is inactive for a certain period of time, a warning message appears, notifying the user that the Portal session is about to expire. The user can click OK to keep the session alive. However, if the user does not click OK before the time runs out, the user will be logged out of the system and will be asked to log in again.

NOTE: This setting cannot be disabled and applies to the entire account (all users and groups on the account).


1. Log in to your BT Cloud Phone Portal. See Logging in - Using Email or Phone Number for more information.

2. On the Admin portal, navigate to Tools > Account settings > Session time-out.

Tools - Session time-out

3. Click the drop-down box, then select the preferred session timeout for the BT Cloud Phone account.

Select Session time-out

4. Click Save to apply your custom session timeout.

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TitleBT Cloud Phone Session Timeout
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