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SummaryThe BT Cloud Phone Desktop App lets you resend and / or forward faxes. The system automatically tries to send fax messages three times. Follow the steps to learn how.

How to Resend or Forward Faxes with BT Cloud Phone Desktop app  


Step 1:

On your BT Cloud Phone, Click Messages > Fax.

Step 2:

Click on the fax message that you want to resend or forward.

bt desktop app - resend

The Fax options will show. From here you can click on the Resend or Forward button.

• The Resend bt desktop app - resend fax icon button will be available only to Failed faxes. BT Cloud Phone Desktop app will attempt to send the fax again when clicking the Resend button.

• When clicking on the Forward bt desktop app - forward fax icon button, the Send fax window will appear. You can enter the new recipient's contact details from here and select Send later to forward the fax at a later date/time or select Send now to forward the fax immediately. See Desktop app - Send Fax Messages | BT Cloud Phone to learn more.


Other options you can do: 

• Click the View bt desktop app -  view fax button to view the details of the fax.
• Click Save bt desktop app - save fax icon button to save the fax.
• Click Trash bin bt desktop app - delete fax icon button to delete the fax.

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