BT Cloud Phone

Calling Features

BT Cloud Phone Licence Overview

What is a BT Cloud Phone Licence?
Date Updated:05/03/2015

BT Cloud Phone: Customise the Call handling & forwarding feature under User hours

How do I customise the User Hours settings?
Date Updated:28/11/2017

BT Cloud Phone: Editing a User's Outgoing Caller ID Settings

How do I configure my extension's Outgoing Caller ID settings?
Date Updated:08/06/2018

BT Cloud Phone: Screening, Greeting & Hold Music Overview

Where can I set up my personal greeting and hold music settings? How do I upload my own greeting and hold music?
Date Updated:27/11/2017

BT Cloud Phone: Setting a User's Incoming call information

How do I set up what I see on my phone when I get a phone call? How do I configure what my Users see on their phone when they get a call?
Date Updated:27/11/2017