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Calling Features

Outbound Caller ID | BT Cloud Phone

Getting to know the Outbound Caller ID
Date Updated:11/07/2019

Recording BT Cloud Phone Calls On-Demand

How do I record my phone calls?
Date Updated:23/12/2016

Set Up or Remove a Shared Lines Group in the Portal | BT Cloud Phone

This article provides instructions on how you can set up and remove a Shared lines group in the BT Cloud Phone Portal.
Date Updated:17/12/2019

Setting up the Intercom settings of a BT Cloud Phone User

How do I setup the Intercom feature on my BT Cloud Phone account?
Date Updated:27/11/2017

Setting up your BT Cloud Phone Dial-by-Name Directory

How do I set up my Dial-by-Name Directory?
Date Updated:18/10/2016