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Calling Features

Changing the Notification Settings of a BT Cloud Phone User

How do I change the notification settings of my extension? Voicemail Notifications
Date Updated:27/11/2017

Configuring your BT Cloud Phone Advanced Call Handling Settings

How do I configure my Advanced Call handling Settings?
Date Updated:27/11/2017

Desktop app - Active Call Controls | BT Cloud Phone

What are Active Call controls? What call controls can I use while I am on an active call using my BT Cloud Phone Desktop App?
Date Updated:21/06/2019

Joining a BT Cloud Phone Meeting

How do I join a BT Cloud Phone Meeting?
Date Updated:12/10/2016

Mobile app - Audio Conferencing - BT Cloud Phone

How do I perform Conference calling from my BT Cloud Phone Mobile App?
Date Updated:21/06/2019