BT Cloud Phone

Getting Started

Forwarding calls to your BT Cloud Phone number

How can I forward calls to my BT Cloud Phone number?
Date Updated:24/04/2020

Getting Started with BT Cloud Phone

How do I begin using my BT Cloud Phone account?
Date Updated:24/04/2020

How to Clear the Call Log | BT Cloud Phone Portal

This article provides information on how to delete or clear your call log.
Date Updated:24/04/2020

How to enable Single Sign-On | BT Cloud Phone

This article provides the steps for enabling Single Sign-on. This feature allows companies to use Single Sign-on as the only option to log in to their company application. Only Administrators with SSO enabled accounts can enable this feature.
Date Updated:10/03/2020

How to Remove a BT Cloud Work Licence

How do I remove a licence from my BT Cloud Work account?
Date Updated:23/10/2020