BT Cloud Phone

Getting Started

Log in to the BT Cloud Phone Portal Using Google Credentials

You can log in to your BT Cloud Phone service with your email or Google credentials. In order to use this feature, you need to enable it first.
Date Updated:24/04/2020

Log in to the BT Cloud Phone Using Email or Phone Number

The BT Cloud Phone Online Portal allows Users to access their fax and voicemail messages, and make changes to their personal call handling rules, greetings, and other settings. For Administrators, they can make changes to their company settings and call handling rules. Follow these steps to access your BT Cloud Phone portal.
Date Updated:24/04/2020

Log in to your BT Cloud Work Meetings with Email or Google

This article provides the steps on how to log in to BT Cloud Phone Meetings with email address or with my Google account.
Date Updated:09/03/2022

Logging In to the BT Cloud Work Mobile App | BT Cloud Work App

This article provides instructions on how to log in or change the login details on your BT Cloud Work Mobile app.
Date Updated:02/05/2022

Manage your BT Cloud Work Devices

This article provides information on how users and administrators manage their phones and devices in the BT Cloud Work customer portal.
Date Updated:10/03/2022