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Contacts Overview on BT Cloud Work Mobile App

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Contacts saved on your device Phone Book will appear on your BT Cloud Work Mobile app under Personal contacts. You will also be able to view your Company contacts and Personal contacts saved in your BT Cloud Work Portal

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Viewing your BT Cloud Work Mobile App Contacts 
Quick Contacts
Search Contacts
Spotlight Search for iOS
Adding Contacts
Deleting Contacts
Editing or Deleting a BT Cloud Work cloud contact
Company Contact Photos


Viewing your BT Cloud Work Mobile App Contacts

1. Launch the BT Cloud Work Mobile app
2. Tap the Contacts icon.

NOTE: The Contacts section of your BT Cloud Work Mobile App can be displayed in four views. You can select the view by tapping each tab.

All contacts view combines Company and Personal Contacts into one list. 
Company directory view includes Users and extensions in your BT Cloud Work account. 
Personal contacts view includes your mobile phone's Address Book Contacts, Email Account Contacts synced with your mobile device, and your BT Cloud Work Online Account's Personal Contacts (Cloud Contacts). 
Teams contacts view contains the list of your created team.
Others contacts view combines all group contacts that are created under Groups/Others in the BT Cloud Work online portal.


Quick contacts

1. Tap the name of your contact.
2. Tap Add to quick contacts.
3. Tap Add to quick contacts again if you wish to remove the name under Quick contacts section.


Search for contacts

If you would like to search for a specific user or filter your contacts, you can use the search bar above the contacts list. Simply begin typing the name or phone number of the person you’re looking for in the search bar to begin filtering the list of contacts.


Spotlight Search for iOS

Spotlight is an iOS feature that allows iOS users to search for contents based on suggestions from Siri. Users can now utilise the Spotlight Search feature to look for a BT Cloud Work contact without launching the BT Cloud Work Mobile app for placing phone calls or sending messages. The Spotlight Search feature is available for iPad and iPhone in iOS 9 or later.

1. Launch Spotlight.
2. Type the name of a BT Cloud Work contact in the search box. Tap the name of the contact in the search results.
3. You will be able to view the contact's information. You can send a Text Message, Call, or send a Fax to the contact's phone number.

NOTE: The BT Cloud Work Text Message feature is limited to sending Text Messages to Users within your BT Cloud Work account. The BT Cloud Work Text Message feature will not allow Users to send Text Messages to other mobile carriers. 

QUICK TIP: If you are unable to view BT Cloud Work search results in Spotlight, make sure to add BT Cloud Work to the list of applications to include in your Spotlight searches. For more information, visit the Apple Support Website


Editing or Deleting a BT Cloud Work cloud Personal contact

You can only edit or delete a Personal contact using your BT Cloud Work Mobile App. You cannot edit nor delete a Company contact using your Mobile app.

1. Open your BT Cloud Work Mobile App Contacts.
2. Tap Contacts, then tap Personal contacts.
3. Tap the name of the contact you want to delete from your BT Cloud Work cloud.
4. Tap Edit located on the upper right corner of the screen.

Choose the next action you want to take:

• Edit a Personal contact's info
• Delete a Personal contact


Edit a Personal contact's info

Change the details of your contact, then tap Save.

Delete a Personal contact

Tap the Bin icon on the upper right. Confirm contact deletion by tapping Delete Contact.

When a Personal contact is deleted from the BT Cloud Work cloud, the contact's name will still be displayed on your iOS device's Personal contacts list, but will not be shown on your BT Cloud Work online portal Personal contacts section.


Company Contact Photos 

Your colleagues' contact profile images are displayed in your mobile app. Company Contact photos can be seen in the Contact infoContacts, and Quick contacts sections. You can also see your coworkers' photos in the Incoming Call screen.



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