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Enable or Disable VoIP Calling on the BT Cloud Work Mobile App

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The BT Cloud Work Mobile app has a VoIP Calling feature that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet, without consuming your mobile airtime minutes. This feature is available for devices running both iOS and Android operating systems. 

HD Voice is automatically enabled on the BT Cloud Work Mobile app. The BT Cloud Work app deploys the OPUS codec, an adaptive-rate wide-band audio codec that delivers more clarity in HD Voice, especially in limited bandwidth network environments.

Follow the steps below to set up VoIP Calling on your BT Cloud Work Mobile app.

1. Launch the BT Cloud Work Mobile app on your device.

2. Tap your Profile Picture

3. Toggle the button to enable or disable VoIP Calling.

4. Tap Call settings to configure settings for Data (VoIP) calling, and Integrated Calling. When VoIP calling is enabled, select any of the following options:

• Always use VoIP - Selecting this option will ensure the VoIP call (incoming or outgoing) does not get disconnected when WiFi connectivity is poor and will continue using the phone's data connection (3G/4G). 

NOTE: VoIP Calling through 3G/4G LTE will be charged against your phone's data allocation.

• Use VoIP on WiFi only - When there is no WiFi connectivity, the BT Cloud Work Mobile app will not receive incoming VoIP calls and outgoing calls will be connected using your mobile voice minutes.

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TitleEnable or Disable VoIP Calling on the BT Cloud Work Mobile App
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