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What is BT Cloud Phone Meetings?

BT Cloud Phone Meetings is a conferencing service providing HD video conferencing and web meetings using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Hold face-to-face meetings in high definition and share your desktop or documents with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

When you schedule a meeting, you automatically become the host of that meeting. Anyone who joins the meeting becomes a participant. The host can assign any Participant to become a host.

NOTE: The Meeting ID will be automatically confirmed upon scheduling a meeting. An error prompt appears if the Meeting ID is incorrect. Meeting security can be enhanced by making sure the phone participants cannot enter the meeting before the host when Enable join before host (Meetings Desktop app) or Allow Join Before Host (Meetings Mobile app) is disabled.


• HD Video Conferencing
• Audio dial-in access
• Screen-sharing: desktop, documents, applications
• Multi-point video conferencing
• Video gallery can display up to 50 video participants at once.
• Spotlight Video - This feature lets the host make a participant as the primary active speaker. All participants will only see this speaker's video when the host enables the feature.
• Schedule meetings for another host
• Integrated chat
• VoIP calling, Phone call-in
• Drawing tools: markup or draw on shared documents and applications
• Calendar integration: Schedule meetings using iCal, Google or Outlook
• Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
• Meeting bridge can be used up to 24 hours at a time
Room Connector 
• Join via Web Browser
Call me (on demand)


BT Cloud Phone Meetings is only available to Connect and Collaborate plans.
LicenceAvailabilityNumber of Participants
BasicNot available--
ConnectAvailable as a licence option which must be taken at the point of sale.Up to 100
CollaborateAvailable.Up to 200

If you'd like to extend your Meetings capacity with up to 500 participants, see Large Meetings to learn more. 

NOTE: BT Cloud Phone also offers audio conferencing, which is available to all plans and can be initiated from the BT Cloud Phone Portal, desktop and mobile app. See Conferencing Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Host?

A host is the one who schedules or starts an instant meeting. Administrators can assign themselves or assign a participant to be the host of a meeting. 

What is a Participant?

​Participants or attendees are the ones who join a meeting. They do not need to have or be a part of a BT Cloud Phone account. They will only need to download the app or click on a meeting invite to be able to join meetings.  

Other Features

Other BT Cloud Phone Meetings features include the following:

• Directly Launch the Meetings Mobile app from the BT Cloud Phone Mobile app

Users can directly open the BT Cloud Phone Meetings Mobile app by tapping the More icon, and then Meetings.

• Add Share from Box and Dropbox 

Users can share Box or Dropbox files using BT Cloud Phone Meetings Mobile app during a meeting.

To learn how to share files from Dropbox and Box via the BT Cloud Phone Meetings Mobile app, see Sharing Files on the BT Cloud Phone Meetings App.

• Attendees can annotate during screen sharing

Interactive meetings are possible with the use of annotation tools during screen sharing. The attendees can use the tools to draw, highlight, clear, and colour online meeting notes.

To learn how to annotate on the BT Cloud Phone Meetings for Desktop and Mobile app, see Sharing Files on the BT Cloud Phone Meetings App.

• Record mouse movement in screen sharing

Attendees will be able to see mouse movement during an online meeting and when the meeting is recorded.

• Support dual monitor display on a video meeting

Any attendee who has a dual monitor setup can enable dual stream for dual monitor display on either PC or Mac. This allows the attendee to view two screens at a time during a video meeting.

To learn how to configure this, see Setting up a Dual Monitor Display for BT Cloud Phone Meetings.

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